10 Motivational Quotes To Kick Start Your New Year!

January 03, 2018

The start of a New Year is a good time to think about what we would like to change and set new goals that we hope to achieve. 

It also means a new beginning, new possibilities and a chance to live our lives to the fullest.

Here are 10 motivational and inspirational quotes to kick start your New Year!


Better Things


It Will Work


Something Wonderful


Make A Change


There Will be You


The Journey Of A Thousand Miles


Simplify & Enjoy


Go In The Direction Of Your Dreams


Create Your Future


Take a Deep Breath


Hoping these quotes will inspire and motivate you to start this New Year in a positive way. :)

What's your favorite quote and how will it be useful for you to achieve your new goals?

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8 Responses

Fran Brautigan

January 06, 2018

These are wonderful and I would love to share these with my GED students.

Jim DeLapp

January 05, 2018

I’m going to share these with my yoga students! Thank you!

Doug Wamsley

January 05, 2018

They were great! We need more positive motivators.


January 05, 2018

thank you, thes were powerful

Suzanne T

January 05, 2018

Thanks so much for sharing these. It’s good to receive a dose of inspiration! My favorite is, “there will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.” I’ve got to find a way! I love your boots! They are cooler than cool!!! I regret that my finances don’t support purchasing them at this juncture. You may appreciate this quote, “if the shoe fits, but it in every color.” —Author Unknown

Marge Schumachet

January 05, 2018

Love love love my Peace and Mandala
Boots ! Love the affirmations you posted too !
Peace and continued Vision in 2018


January 05, 2018

These were great. Short, simple, and powerful

Roxanne Yee

January 05, 2018

Thanks, I needed that!