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Happiness is a choice that we make

March 19, 2018 3 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Happiness is a choice that we make

We, all of us together, can make the world a better place by choosing to be happy and spreading good vibes.And at Yes We Vibe, we aim to positively impact people around us with our uplifting messages and vibrant designs.

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Happiness is a choice that we make.

We could get caught up with our day to day routine, perhaps a reoccurring problem, or a painful memory that just keeps resurfacing, it can be helpful to realize, that we do have the will power to change our mindset and to live happily.

Here are some of our “rules” that we live by, to help us all to choose to be happy.

1. Happiness is an inside job

The reality is, we have very little control over external events in our lives. Yes, we can be organised and try to prevent failures or disappointments, but it’s OK to accept that other people can let you down from time to time, and to have unexpected things happen that catch you off guard. This is one of the hardest lessons to master, but it’s the truth. Once we can accept that happiness is an inside job, we can start to work around making decisions, that no matter what happens, we will be happy today.

You can say to yourself “I am responsible for my happiness”. It’s a habit you can develop that will keep you on a positive track for life.

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2. Recognize that being happy is powerful

It took me a long time to realize, that happiness is one of the end goalsof our lives.

We can wish for more money, a better job, a better partner, a healthier body, but actually, the final result of all those things, is that “happier feeling”.

Why not jump the queue and choose to be happy today?

Positives attract positives, and if we are craving for that “happier feeling”, we need to continue being uplifting, vibing to a positive beat- we have to vibe with happiness! 

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 3. Appreciation is everything

Every morning, choose to see the good in your life.

When we stop to notice the good things in life: our morning coffee, good food, a healthy family, a roof over your head, we get to have the real giftin those good things - which is the appreciation for them. Appreciating life’s little gifts to us, even just for today, in honour of the International Day of Happiness, is enough to get the good vibes going.

Choose to be happy, and see the good in your life.

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4. Happiness can be a gift to other people

Remember that when you smile and express joy, you share that energy with others.

They’ll feel happier for having run into you that day. People will like being around you and will want to feel happy too!

I find this the most useful “rule” for the days when I’m feeling really low. It’s a bit of a paradox– you smile to make others happy, but really, you’re also smiling to help yourself.

The feeling you get when walking away from a good conversation with someone and seeing them smile even brighter after talking to you. Feeling that warmth and connection simply by portraying happiness by being you is all it takes to make someone else’s day better.

That’s the kind of gift that feels good not only for your friend, but for you too. It will brighten your day, and give you such a sense of fulfilment.

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 I think we would surprise ourselves by how much more happiness we can bring to the world if every person chose to be happy no matter what.

If you want to share the good vibes today, tell us in the comments below how you like to celebrate happiness in your life. What are some of your favourite things you get to do every day?

Let’s take a step towards sharing more happiness and spreading the good vibes all around the world!