Create A Stress-Free Home

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Create A Stress-Free Home

Whether you are returning home after a long period, working in a secluded corner from home, or perhaps you’ve been running around after little ones all day; creating a stress-free home is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself. Creating a soothing sanctuary for you to come home to will have incredible benefits to your life. You’ll stay home more (meaning it’s easier on the wallet), and you’ll feel more like “yourself” when you leave the house, because you’ve had the chance to unwind and just be while you were home. 

Take back your time

One of the simplest ways you can create a stress-free home is to designate one area as the no phone zone. Most people like to make this their bedroom. Gone are the days when you could leave work, arrive home, and just switch off for the day. Now it’s far too easy to feel required to be online and contactable 24 hours a day. I invite you to say no to that, and take back your own hours. If you’ve decided to go to rest for a short period or spend time with your family, or have a quiet dinner to chat about your day, lay down the law that phones will not be involved in the room. Initially it might feel challenging, but the payoff will be so worth it! Less stress when you first wake up, and the empowerment of knowing that in your home, you own your time

 Stress-Free Home

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Declutter your space

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Taking the time to curate what you leave out of your home is just as important as what goes in. Take a look around you. Are there clusters of things you don’t use or love? Get rid of them. They’re taking up extra bandwidth for your brain to process. A clean, clear space will keep your thinking clear as well.

You might also like to follow the feng shui method of creating a Bagua Grid from your home. Using a Bagua grid, you designate areas of each room for health and prosperity and other facets of your life. You then add meaningful items to those to bring more of that energy in. In your wealth corner, you might like to add some citrine crystals, or add a bright, summer coloured painting. In your health corner you might like to add a few plants to keep the energy fresh. Most of all, you want to keep things focused in each area, and remove things that don’t jive. Keep the energy free flowing and uncluttered.

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Make the space yours

That’s the beauty of having your own space, whether it’s a house or a single bedroom! It is your space. What a luxury! It is totally yours to express yourself in, to relax in and have fun in. So challenge yourself to create the most “you” home you can make.

Make a list of 10 things you love. Paintings you love, books you love, photographs of people you love… the list could go on. Challenge yourself to think of big things as well as small and doable things. 

Do you love coffee? Go out and get the best coffee you can find. Discover a new personal favourite! What about plants and flowers? Do these make you smile? Or perhaps a pet animal to snuggle with? Would that make you excited to come home? 

And if it’s been a while since you’ve known who “you” are, or what you like - again, I invite you to take this challenge! You’ll be surprised by how quickly the ideas come if you just sit down and try. 


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I hope you take this challenge today to draw a new, welcoming energy into your stress-free home. I'd love to hear your favourite methods of creating a stress-free home. Feel free to share them in the comments below. :)

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