Love and BBQ

October 23, 2017


I am at my father’s house. He’s outside, starting the charcoal BBQ. I’m inside cutting potatoes for the home-made fries. My dad likes to cut them big but since I'm cutting the potatoes tonight, we're going to have the thinner fries I prefer. My dad comes into the kitchen and asks me to cut mushrooms and peppers. He is really specific with how he wants his things done. But he doesn’t have to explain; I know exactly how he wants them.

Angus and Julia Stone’s music fills the room with good vibes. A couple of years ago I contaminated my dad, brothers and friends with their virus. We spent hours and hours, together or apart, listening to them.

It strikes me. This is a magic moment, the kind you never forget. Everything you love in one place. Even if my brothers aren’t there they are still present through me, through my dad, through the music, through the food and the habits we have.

What has brought us together even if oceans separate us? LOVE. Love is beauty, love is happiness, love is pure and love is life. We might be surrounded by hatred, jealousy, bombs and madness but in the end, what empowers us, what makes us smile, what makes us happy is love!

We walk the paths of love, we are the trails of love past, we are love.

Where did your love take you? What traces did your love leave?



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October 25, 2017

What a beautiful message of love ❤️. Yes, all those family gatherings, parties and celebrations, all those happy moments deeply imbedded in our interior, remain FOREVER. There are no borders to love….no matter where you are in the world, you feel this love within you.
We have experienced this within our family too, children and grandchildren alike…no better feeling , nothing more important! (We include all the Sam’s and Ted’s ?? too, haha).
It was great meeting you and your family. Hope you had a nice trip back and looking forward to seeing again in the near future.

Patrica Griffiths

October 25, 2017

I am so impressed with both your product and your intent; spreading love and good vibrations! Will be sending a pic of my partner and I wearing our new boots, just have to find someone to take it!
Your time with your family sounds like the Friday nights my guy and I share. Years ago we started the ‘tradition’ of making Friday nights ‘nacho and movie night’. Wayne makes the best homemade salsa, and it makes me feel so at peace with the world when I am on the couch, him in his easy chair, my cat Freddie by my side, noshing on nachos while watching Netflix – the older I get the more I appreciate that it is the simple pleasures that really count.


October 25, 2017

Love you all, Love is all thank you for sharing and caring =)

and I love the shoes you made me (( <3 ))


October 24, 2017

Felt like I was there with the two of you (three of you if we count Ted)! Can’t wait to be home to share some of these moments with you. Much love. Keep being a #girlboss. I love you.


October 24, 2017

I love your blog. Everyday I feel so sad that there is so much anger in this country and world. I am a Christian and I pray that it would come to an end. Love is what it is all about. I am also a babyboomer which I totally love and a hippie at heart. Thank you ? for your compassion and the way you love. My happy music ? is CSNY and America, really any music from the 60’s and 70’s. Can not handle the music today. I feel that they try to hard, and that it is pretentious. Peace to you


October 23, 2017

You are amazing women ! Congratulations for your blog ! Love is on you because you are love my best friends ! I am verry grateful to have you in my life since 20 years ! Never give up your beautiful work! Im verry happy for you ????love u Cristina