August 31, 2017


Everyday we wake up, drink coffee (we love coffee), open our computers and work on this amazing company we are building. I don't think we can count on our hands the number of times in the past year that we didn't open our computers for a whole day! It all started in September 2016 when Yes We Vibe was officially created and we have been "grinding" as we call it, almost everyday since. Sometimes in life you forget to take time for yourself. I think we all do. You work, take care of your loved ones and family and lots of times you forget to take a break, relax, do nothing or anything, but just take some time to free your mind.



Today was an amazing day!

It was a cold day here in Quebec, Canada. The first ones are always the worst because they just feel freezing compared to summer! The sun was coming out of the clouds from time to time but never too long! Part of our team was working here together and we decided to go take a hike in the mountain and take some nice photos for our Instagram! Some of us were not too excited about the idea but... we just had to do it! And you know what? It turned the days around! It created such a nice vibe! The trail up the hill was not too long but just enough to feel the fresh air really coming in! At the top, the view was just amazing! You could see a small lake way down and then only forest! We had fun taking pictures, enjoying the view, the calm vibe of the nature and the refreshing air! After a little while we went back down, got a bit lost for a minute but found our way back to the cars!

We went home and got back to the "grind" but it felt so good to have done something else in the surrounding nature. Although we still got some things done for the company, we had fun, got away from our computers for a while and it relaxed our minds for sure! It didn't take hours but it felt like a day off for a little while and we came back fresh to start grinding again!

All this to say that little things can have big effects. Don't be afraid to stop for a bit, even if it's just 15 minutes on a park bench to have some positive thoughts about something. Simply stop, relax and take time for you!

Love yourself.

What do you do to free your mind? Share it with us in the comments below!









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aubert catherine

September 29, 2017

j’adore se que vous faite ,et se que vous etes ,votre vous ai formidable
et vous etes dans le pays que j’aime
les bottes vous ne les faites pas en simili ,car je suis ecolos et je ne porte pas de cuir merci


September 21, 2017

I have a number of ways I ground, realign: meditate, spend time in the sun, yoga, journal, go for a walk. Once upon a time I used to be able to do at least one of not two daily, it’s getting a lot harder despite knowing how important these things are to me!!

Ann Chatfield

September 15, 2017

Where are you located? In Quebec? I just wanted to say that I found your site today and love your products! Great ideas…great way to spread good energy! I channel mandalas and do Akashic Record Reading. Check out
Thanks and keep spreading that beautiful energy! Ann

Trish O

September 08, 2017

Are you on Twitter ~ your designs are so interesting~ Would luv to Tweet an occasional pic of your out-standing styles !!


September 05, 2017

Hi gang!
I absolutely love what you guy’s are doing, spreading good vibes all over the place. I’ve been promoting your business since I purchased my first shirt from you. I now have a pair of Chakra boots and another pair on the way. No matter how Im feeling your products definitely make me feel good I work in a high school so the boots are loved by all ages at work syaff and students alike. Thank you for sharing your day in the forest this is alsoy favourite way to recharge , it’s a reminder that I should do it more often.
Take care and keep up the good work

Larry H

September 05, 2017

Nice day…Being in nature is good grounding and really recharges life’s batteries.
Recharge them vibes so we can continue to get great high vibrational products.

I rode my new Street Glide from the hot Phoenix area up to the beautiful mountains around Show Low AZ. It was beautiful as well, and much needed. I only regret not taking pics.

Keep on High Vibin’.


September 05, 2017

My hubs and I wanted to create a life we never “need” a vacation from. We may choose to vaca between our stay-cation living but with our simpler life in the country we have zen zones in the backyard sanctuary we lovingly co-create. David and I left big city life behind in 1994 and living country, close to nature in a small rural community with the rolling hills in the Pembina Valley provide big skies and nature spaces all year though. We go outside our deck doors or grab cameras and head down country roads to free our minds and life our spirits.


September 01, 2017

I’ve been to Quebec-the Plains of Abraham?. Nice story and I actually do feel your vibe. I am a Spiritual soul that has not yet made my way to live in the forest with my animal friends and wonderful trees. And so I’m a Mental Health Nurse, working with developmentally challenged and other associated maladies. This is a good place for me…helping in my own way and giving back. But I sure wish I was with you all in your pics.

Blessed Be and peace