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The creative force behind Ogma Dagda is Ireland based artist Kevin Mallon. His work is a physical morphing of nurtured ideas splattered by the ever constant stream of life.
Kevin received a Masters Degree in Film production from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. After University in 2009, he worked on several TV shows and documentaries while working on his own experimental projects and films.
In 2010 Kevin moved back to Europe where he spent the next 2 years in London. It was here where Kevin decided to return to his first love, painting. His unique style encompasses many influences and traditions from old masters to modern day street art. His themes often include the light and dark aspects of the human psyche, visions and teachings from plant based shamanic practices and surreal imagery from the subconscious.
In 2013 Kevin moved back to Ireland where he currently resides. He primarily uses mixed media in his work ranging from oils, spray paint, cut up books and magazines to digital retouching. This can vary from a small canvas to a big wall and everything in between.

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